Modern Projector Star Master Night Light Led Lamp

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  • Star Master Night Light for a romantic mood.
  • Star Master is a lamp that shows you the universe and makes you fly in the fantasy world.
  • It makes children very happy with the variety of colors and the charming shapes they produce.
  • Star Master sparks joy across the room
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The amazing Modern Projector Star Master Night Light Led Lamp have a projector display technology that shows you the stars on the ceiling of the room.

Enjoy with the lamp of the Star Master, the best Mood tonight in your home, which provides you with psychological comfort because of its dim, distinctive, and comfortable eyes lighting.
Enjoy a dazzling night under the stars as star shapes are preinstalled inside the device to display many stars.
The device is completely safe and easy to use and is ideal for children’s rooms where it produces more and brighter lighting for more fun and adds more elegance to your home décor and issues red, green, and blue led colors with the main lamp light to feel the effect of starlight.
This device attracts the attention of children (young and old) and helps them fall asleep in comfort and reassurance.

Advantages of Modern Projector Star Master Night Light Led Lamp

  • Displaying amazing stars on the ceiling of the room.
  • Star Master Lamp can be wonderful home decor.
  • It has three lamps led colors of red, green, and blue lighting, besides the main light.
  • It is suitable for both adults and children.
  • It helps to sleep with peace and comfort.
  • Easy to use.
  • It works with 3 batteries only.
  • It provides a romantic atmosphere at home.
  • Amazing gift.

Star Master Night Light Led Lamp features

  • Uses 3 batteries
  • Light up 3 colors red, green and blue
  • Small size

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